"TEST|PREP VIDEOS provides quality instructional materials that help students prepare for standardized tests and improve basic skills.  These video courses can be administered at school, with minimal preparation, by principals, teachers, and counselors.  These courses can help all students prepare for these important tests, without students spending hundreds of dollars on private tutoring programs." 

Michael K. Smith, Ph.D., President
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ACT Video Review Courses
The videos and workbook prepare students for the ACT college admissions test.  These courses help students achieve higher scores on this important test.

SAT Video Review Courses
The New 2005 SAT Video Review Course is here! 
e SAT I Video Review Course prepares student for this important college admissions test.  

PSAT Video Review Course
The video and workbook prepare students for the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test and provide practice for the SAT I and the SAT II Writing Skills Tests. Completely updated for the new PSAT.
Mastering the Paragraph
Mastering the Paragraph:  Editing Principles for Writers helps students improve their knowledge of Standard Written English.  The course focuses on the paragraph, the building block of an effective written composition.  Students learn writing skills as they edit interesting paragraphs and then receive immediate feedback on their performance.